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Hail damage on roofing system

Roof Storm Damage Claims Help

When a storm ruins your roof, it’s completely normal to feel at a loss on what to do. And then, you realize you have to put in an insurance claim and the confusion and stress start up all over again.

We understand how stressful and frightening this time can be. And that’s why we are here to help you any way that we can.

Our team at Ridgeline Roofing is equipped to help you out with any roof insurance claims help. We’ve dealt with roofs damaged by storms for a long time. As a result, we know how to deal with roof damage claims and can quickly help you with your roof repair.

Do you want to learn more about how we can help you specifically? Talk with our team at Ridgeline Roofing by dialing (708) 770-2035 today!

My roof looks ok, is there other possible damage?

YES. Many homeowners tend to forget that gutters, siding and skylights can also be damaged during a storm. If you are conducting an inspection, make sure to check these out to. Please check your gutters and siding for any cracks or loosening. Storm damage comes in many forms. Luckily it can all be fixed by us and the costs can be covered by your insurance company.

Stop Further Damage from the Weather. Contact Us Today to Speak to an Expert about Your Roof Damage: (708) 770-2035

Damage on Roof

I Found Damage on My Roof. What Do I Do Now?

Prior to calling your insurance company, we recommend calling us to help you determine the extent of your damage. Depending on your insurance carrier, if you file a claim, you may be liable for the deductible. Please note your deductible may be anywhere from $0 to $2,000 or more. Therefore, we strongly encourage you to look at your insurance policy prior to filing that claim. Sometimes, the cost to repair may be less then the deductible. Accordingly, if you call a roofing specialist they can help you determine the cost to fix the repair and if it is to your benefit to file the insurance claim or not. If your damage is severe, we can help you navigate the insurance claim process.

If a storm has greatly injured your roof and you need help ASAP, give us a call for immediate assistance. Our emergency services were designed to help those who are in a tough spot because of a particularly terrible storm. So, regardless of what state your roof is currently in, we’ll work to ensure that watertight while we start the claim process. If you realize that you have any type of roof water leak, it’s vital that you call us sooner rather than later. Water can greatly damage your home in a short time frame — and that’s the last thing you want.

Frequently asked questions:

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We handle the whole process from assessing damage, writing insurance claims, dealing with the Insurance company on your behalf, and installing your new roof.

If you believe that your home’s roof was affected by a recent storm Contact Ridgeline now for a FREE storm damage assessment.

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