Modified Bitumen Roofing

Roofer installing modified bitumen roofing

Modified Bitumen Roofing

When you look for a new commercial property roof, you need one that will stand the test of time and not break down against harsh weather. While no roof lasts forever — and while no roof can stand up against the most terrible storms — there are many great roofing solutions currently on the market that have been proven to truly be durable and long lasting. Modified bitumen roofing is one of those options. Modified bitumen roofing has been a stable and popular roofing solution for commercial properties for decades now.

This type of commercial roofing does best on flat or low sloped properties. For the most part, it can be installed on many different commercial properties, which is a huge plus. However, we’ll be sure to evaluate your property and ensure that a modified bitumen roofing option is the way to go! While modified bitumen installation is relatively easy and can be done very quickly, it should only be attempted by professionals who truly know what they’re doing. And that’s where we can help! To learn more about our modified bitumen roofing services in Chicago, IL, chat with Ridgeline Roofing at (708) 770-2035 today!

Somewhat similar to other flat roofing types, such as EPDM roofing, modified bitumen roofing differs in its overall popularity and reliability for many commercial property owners. For so many, this type of roofing is the way to go — and always will be. These types of roofs are great against even the harshest of weather conditions and are considered to be incredibly durable, even compared to most of the other commercial roofing options currently on the market. Plus, this type of roofing can be less expensive than other roofing options, which is always a huge bonus.

Our Commercial Roofing Services

Does your commercial property’s roof need an upgrade or a whole new roof? We can help! Our team of expertly trained professionals knows how to deal with all shapes and sizes of commercial properties. We can find the best roofing solution for you in no time. Do you want to learn more about modified bitumen roofing in Chicago, IL, and how it could possibly benefit your own commercial property? Look no further. To learn more about our many different services, including modified bitumen repair and replacement services, chat with Ridgeline Roofing by dialing (708) 770-2035 right now!